Create bespoke XR exhibitions and invite collectors to engage with works of art from any location using Vortic Curate.

Collect globally at your convenience and see how 2D and 3D works will appear in-situ using our augmented reality app Vortic Collect.

Enjoy exclusive private views from any location in virtual environments through an Oculus headset using our virtual reality app Vortic VR.

Vortic is the art world’s leading extended reality (XR) platform created to address the unique needs of galleries and collectors, offering customised and sustainable solutions to exhibit works of art using the most advanced augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.

Vortic provides the highest-quality digital viewing experiences, allowing collectors to engage with works from anywhere in the world.

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XR encompasses all real-to-virtual interactions and experiences including AR and VR, providing a digital extension of the physical world.

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